• Denis Mudderman (Chair)
  • Purchase new point of sale computer
  • Purchase new computer for Friends Office


  • Vonnie Jacobson (Chair), Kelly Blackledge, Linda Brockman, Fran Mattson, Nancy Brennan, Justine Boots, Nancy Moulden
  • Submit newsletter to a newsletter competition
  • Produce 4 quality issues meeting timelines of Jan. 25, Apr. 15, July 15, and Sept. 15
  • Update mailing list with Giftworks
  • Include one new author in every issue


  • Betty Gunderson (Chair) , Connie Carlson, Linda Hunt, Nancy
  • The bylaws require that all board members be paid FOT
  • One of two people will learn to use Giftworks besides Betty
  • Instructions for the basic functions of Giftworks will be written
  • An appreciation letter will be sent out to lifetime members
  • A renewal letter will be sent out
  • Sample brochures with be collected with plans to develop a new one in the future

Nominating Committee

  • Don Blanding, Tom Hunt

Discovery Center Fundraising Committee-Direct Asks

  • Don Blanding (Chair), Neil Powers, Tom Hunt, Ron Jenson, Bill Wickum, Jim Legler, Kelly Blackledge, Betty Gunderson

Discovery Center Building Committee

  • Ron Jenson (Chair), Neil Powers, Kelly Blackledge, Bill Wickum and Jamie Klein

Discovery Center Capital Campaign – Public

  • Chair TBD, John Jacobson, Don Blanding, Vonnie Jacobson, Betty Gunderson

Gift Shop

  • Chair-vacant, Bruce & Jane Besse, Connie Carlson, Tom & Linda Hunt, John & Vonnie Jacobson Ruth Olson, Janice Bengston, and Dan Niesen
  • Develop store manager position description
  • Recruit manager
  • Recruit student summer assistant
  • Provide cash register training for store committee and visitor center hosts
  • Recruit department buyers
  • Upgrade POS & QB software

Fundraising Task Force

  • Linda Brochman (Chair), Sue B., Sue K,, Ron, Betty, Tom, Fran, John, Vonnie

Toast to Tamarac

  • Vonnie (Chair), Linda, Fran, Betty, Justine Boots, Nancy Olson, Nancy B., Sue B. Kelly Blackledge

Fall Festival

  • Nancy Brennan (Chair) Kelly Blackledge, Vonnie Jacobson, Linda B., Fran, Ron, George Read, Nancy Olson, Betty G, Justine Boots, Tom Hunt, Janice Bengston

Bird Festival Representatives

  • Kelly Blackledge, Vonnie Jacobson, Tom Hunt

 We Fest Clean-up

  • Fran Mattson (Chair)
  • Recruit more workers
  • Share stories at BJ Barbecue on the last day

National Trails Day Representative – Sat. June 1

  • Jim Legler (North Country Trail in Tamarac is 14 miles long)
  • Introduce people to the new trail – grand opening
  • Get people on the trail

 Annual Meeting

  • Don Blanding

 Photo Contest

  • Denis Mudderman, Janice Bengtson, Carol Nord
  • Conduct another successful photo contest
  • Continue with current rules, but incorporate the US FWS copyright release form into the entry form
  • Recruit four to six new committee members
  • Increase exhibition of photos locally and regionally in Detroit Lakes, Mahnomen, Park Rapids and Fargo at various venues
  • Make sure photo display at the Fall Festival is accessible and part of the registration, membership, welcome area.  It draws people into that area
  • Complete wall display framing to exhibit a small number of photos

 Education Planning Group

  • Linda Brockman (Chair) Kelly Blackledge, Janice Bengston, Connie Carlson, Cathie Ferguson, Dave Schneider, Nancy Brennan, Denis Mudderman, Jeanine Enhert,  and Rick Pechmann
  • Recruit and train at least three new education volunteers.
  • Development of winter activities that address the standards for kindergarten, third grade and middle school.
  • Develop outlines or lesson plans for existing educational activities.
  • Work with middle school teachers to develop a stewardship activity.
  • Increase the number of teachers using Tamarac to 30.
  • Increase the refuge visits by grade level/school buildings to 20 in 2010

 Naturalist Committee

  • Denis Mudderman, Nancy Brennan, Jeanine Ehnert, Cathie Ferguson, Richard Pechmann, Connie Carlson
  • Further develop the Naturalist Group and mission
  • Support the roving naturalist program
  • Work with Project Noah
  • Take the lead in developing interpretive programs
  • Support the Aquatic Species Education Program
  • Support the refuge staff with biology projects
  • Support the development of NCT joint projects
  • Maintain the Tamarac Naturalists webpage/blogspot
  • Recognize the Minnesota Master Naturalist program for training


  • Denis Mudderman (Chair), Del, John J., Sue B.,
  • Increase connections with the Becker County Historical Society


  • Mark Geihl (Webmaster), Vonnie Jacobson, Betty Gunderson, Kelly Blackledge, Janice Bengtson, Ron Jenson, Linda B., Nancy Moulden, Sue B., Denis Mudderman
  • Support the webmaster in providing new content for page.
  • Assist the webmaster in design and format of the information.
  • Support the FOT in assuring the page represents our organization.
  • Support in promoting the FOT and the Tamarac NWR on the page.
  • Assure that the FOT board directions are implemented properly
  • Communicate to other committees the need for updates and new content

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