FOT Annual Report 2016

Nature's Drilling Rigs by Jane Eastes

Nature’s Drilling Rigs by Jane Eastes

By Vonnie Jacobson, president Friends of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

2016 has been a banner year for Friends of Tamarac which was highlighted by recognition from The National Wildlife Refuge Association as Friends Group of the Year. We were also pleased to accept our community’s Regional Chamber of Commerce Tourism Award for the year. But even more important, it was a year of tremendous volunteer efforts with the many projects in which The Friends participate. Our volunteers were out making people smile with a Dilly Bar, educating boaters about AIS, fascinating school children with our great outdoors, creating a Tamarac quilt, checking water quality, creating a Tamarac Journal for students, welcoming ducks and families to our Fall Festival, planting a pollinator garden, raising a Toast to Tamarac, and picking up some of the worst garbage ever after WeFest.

At every step of the way we have been encouraged and supported in our projects by the exceptional leadership and staff at TNWR. So, a huge thank you goes to everyone, members, staff and volunteers alike, for an outstanding year of accomplishments.

Link: 2016 Annual Report

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