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Plight of Golden-winged Warbler,
Not So Golden
By Wayne Brininger

Trumpeters Successful at Tamarac

Hummers Are Jewels of the North
By Janice Bengtson

Eagles on Par,
Swans Above Average

By Wayne Brininger,
Tamarac Wildlife Biologist

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National Wildlife Refuge
: Critter Corner

Wildlife at Tamarac NWR

Transitional habitats provide a haven for a diversity of wildlife species and some are at the extreme edge of their range in Minnesota. Although native wildlife is important, priority is given to migratory birds and threatened and endangered species.

The forests and waters of Tamarac are home to an expanding bald eagle population and sightings are common during the breeding season. A nesting population of trumpeter swans are now present following a reintroduction program that began in 1987. The numbers of wild turkeys are likewise increasing due to reintroduction efforts. Migration of songbirds, especially neotropical migrants, can be spectacular in mid to late May. Waterfowl migration is best experienced in late fall, when dabbling ducks and geese are passing through and rafts of diving ducks may be seen on Tamarac's larger lakes.

Visitors look forward to the possibility of sighting white-tailed deer, porcupine, beaver, raccoon and fox. The more fortunate may even catch sight of elusive residents such as black bear, river otter, fisher, moose or timber wolf.
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