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Tamarac Discovery Center Opens to the Public

It was a big day a Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge last week, as refuge staff, Friends of Tamarac, and members from the White Earth Nation celebrated the grand opening of the Tamarac Discovery Center.

Regional Director Tom Melius joined in the celebration that commemorated the completion of the facility located near Rochert, Minnesota and recognized the significant efforts of the Friends of Tamarac in making the environmental education center a reality.

“I’d like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the Friends of Tamarac for their amazing accomplishment and donation of this wonderful facility to the Fish and Wildlife Service and the American people,” said Melius.

“Creating a facility like this, one that is dedicated to learning about the natural world and our mutual appreciation for the outdoors, takes vision and perseverance,” continued Melius. To read more click here

A Path to Discovery

The Friends of Tamarac are passionate about creating more opportunities for the youth and families of our local communities to make meaningful connections with nature.  Spending time in nature rejuvenates the spirit, inspires creativity and keeps us healthy.  Children today are too ‘plugged in’ and don’t even spend half the amount of time outdoors as their parents did as youth. This disconnect is a threat to the future of our wild places. This project will provide the path to make discoveries in the outdoors. We are devoted to developing the next generation of conservation stewards.  Help us continue to make meaningful connections with people and nature. Article by Vicki Gerdes in DL Newspaper.

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The Friends of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge are busy connecting children and nature. We support the refuge’s educational program that currently reaches over 3,000 students each year with our time, talents and dollars. Volunteers donate over 1500 hours each year assisting with the educational activities on the refuge that address graduation standards in a hands-on way. The Discover Center is the key to sustaining and growing this vital program.  It will provide a place for students to process what they’ve learned in the outdoors. It will include a multipurpose meeting room, storage and restrooms. This energy efficient building will also provide internet access and other technologies that enhance the outdoor learning. Make a donation to the Tamarac Discovery Center.

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