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A significant initiative of the Friends of Tamarac is the environmental education program.  With shrinking budgets in school districts, field excursions have been reduced. The Friends of Tamarac dedicate funds each year to bus school groups to the refuge. We  welcome over 3,000 students each year and many of those come three times per year to assure a meaningful outdoor experience. The activities are designed to address standards in science, social studies, mathematics and language arts.  Tamarac refuge is a wonderful outdoor classroom where students get involved in real life science.

“Thank you for teaching us about trees and plants. I liked all the facts about science. Thank you for showing us the porcupine in the tree. Thank you for teaching us about nature. I also liked you teaching us about the weather even though it was very cold. “
  • Tessa,  3rd Grade Roosevelt, Detroit Lakes 2013
“I really liked the porcupine because I have never seen a porcupine and they are awsome! And I did not no that ther was some red under the pin trees.”
  • Elijah, 3rd Grade Roosevelt, Detroit Lakes 2013

“I’m worried that our children aren’t spending enough time outdoors. They are hooked on electronics. Our goal is to inspire kids to make a lifelong connection with nature.”

  • Ron Jenson, Tamarac Refuge volunteer.


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